IKEA Art Event collection 2021 to explore the sweet spot between art and function

What about a piece of art being a functional everyday object? IKEA launches the IKEA Art Event collection 2021 with the aim to explore the sweet spot between art and function. For this ten-piece limited edition collection, IKEA has collaborated with some of the most current artists of today; Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx. The collection will be available globally at IKEA stores and online from April 2021.

Since 2015, IKEA has collaborated with artists from around the world to create Art Event collections, celebrating various expressions of art through different genres and crafts; hand woven art rugs, toy art figurines in crystal glass and, wall art such as photography, street art and illustrations. The purpose of these collections has remained the same throughout the years; to democratize art and make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Also the ambition of the sixth edition of IKEA Art Event collection is to bring art to the homes of the many people – this time blurring the fine line between art and design. To embark this journey, IKEA invited artists with different backgrounds from different parts of the world; Daniel Arsham (New York), Gelchop (Tokyo), Humans since 1982 (Stockholm), Sabine Marcelis (Rotterdam) and Stefan Marx (Berlin).

“We choose to work with different artists from around the world to reflect the diversity of art and design coming together,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader for IKEA Art Event. “We want to show that being an artist or being a designer does not mean that you have to stay in one box, you can work within different fields, and that this new movement has had a profound impact both on the design and art scenes today”.

The collection consists of 10 home furnishing objects challenging the perspective on everyday objects whilst paying tribute to everyday creativity; wall decoration lighting pieces by Sabine Marcelis, a wall clock by Daniel Arsham, a table lamp and a torch by Gelchop, a vase and a throw by Stefan Marx and wall decorations by Humans since 1982.

“Each item in this collection has a practical function, and at the same time it is an art object. The traditional idea of art being high-end and design being part of mass culture simply is not relevant anymore. The two go fantastic together – that is where the magic happens”, says Henrik Most.

To further celebrate the democratization of art and the creativity in the home – especially in times like this when access to art may be limited for the many due to the pandemic – the collection can be experienced and played around with from home through customised AR effects available via IKEA Instagram. People are welcome to join #IKEAARTEVENT2021 to create their own home galleries.

IKEA Art Event 2021 will be available globally at IKEA stores and online from April 2021.

Sabine Marcelis

New Zealand-born and Netherlands-based designer Sabine Marcelis is fascinated with the unique properties of materials and the effects specific materials can create – for example, resin or glass interacting with light. Her practice is process-driven: her designs emerge through extensive experimentation with ideas and materials in the studio. Working across product, installation and spatial design, she strives to create magical experiences through her engaging designs.

Daniel Arsham
Daniel Arsham is a multidisciplinary American artist, whose work combines art, architecture, and performance. He has extensive experience collaborating with other creative leaders in stage production, fashion, interior design, and architecture. His latest art explores ideas related to future civilisations and archaeological decay. Arsham is the co-founder of Snarkitecture, the New-York based design studio. 

Humans since 1982
Humans since 1982 were established in 2009 by Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson while they were students at HDK Göteborg. Humans since 1982 fuse art and design to create subversive everyday objects that raise questions about accelerating technology and its dualistic nature as the source of progression and destruction.

Stefan Marx
Stefan Marx is a German artist who uses his distinct style to capture and portray the mundane of everyday. He draws inspiration from different subcultures to create art in various media, including skateboard designs, large-scale oil paintings, fashion, porcelain vases and more.

The Japanese collective Gelchop deconstruct everyday objects by combining them with different elements to change their function in a fun and compelling manner. Gelchop’s artworks and products encourage to look at things in a different way, prompting a reflection upon an object’s ‘true’ purpose in the world.

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