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IKEA Museum launches the first online encyclopaedia about IKEA

On 16 September, IKEA Museum in Älmhult, Sweden, launches IKEA Museum Digital. The new digital platform will be the most extensive online source of knowledge and facts about the Swedish home furnishing brand. The platform opens the door to the vast and vibrant history of IKEA. It contains more than 100 stories about its founder Ingvar Kamprad and some of the most iconic products and memorable designs from the 1940s to today.

The stories are told through historical documents and artefacts and from different perspectives by the people who were there when it happened. Each story adds a piece to the story of IKEA, a story that continues to grow every day.

“Many of the stories reveal the inner workings of IKEA and have never been shared publicly before. Whether it’s about a triumph, a great mistake, a dangerous adventure, or a revolutionary collapse – we have done our best to tell it like it was”, says Jutta Viheriä, Strategic Initiatives Leader at IKEA Museum.

The new digital platform consists of more than 100 editorial articles, movies and interviews with the people involved in the journey – from a small local business to a global home furnishing brand with more than 210,000 employees and 456 stores in 61 markets around the world.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to share the vast and vibrant history of IKEA, both with regular visitors and people who haven’t yet had the opportunity to travel to Älmhult physically and visit IKEA Museum at the heart of IKEA”, says Jutta Viheriä.

The content on the platform will be available online in English and Swedish and accessible around the world, any time, and any place.


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About IKEA Museum

IKEA Museum opened in 2016 and features the exhibition The Story of IKEA – Past, Present & Future. IKEA Museum is located in the original building of the first IKEA store, which opened in 1958 in Älmhult, Sweden. IKEA Museum features a main exhibition divided into three sections: Our Roots, IKEA Through the Ages and The Many Sides of Ingvar Kamprad. The museum also includes several temporary exhibitions, as well as a restaurant and a shop.



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