Designer Sabine Marcelis

IKEA announces new, luminous collection with Sabine Marcelis that brings light to life.

When light comes to life, everything shines. Together, Sabine Marcelis and IKEA want to embrace the potential of direct and indirect light at home and emphasize the beauty of light and its positive impact on people’s emotional wellbeing. The collection is planned to come to IKEA stores in October 2022.

Homes are more than just places where people eat and sleep – our homes are individual spaces that reflect who we are and where we express our emotions. With this collection, IKEA and Sabine Marcelis want to take a closer look at light itself and how it comes to life at home – through lighting solutions and eye-catching home furnishings that play and interact with light and are equal in emotional and functional value.


“With this curious collection we want to explore how light interacts with materials, texture, and colour and we wish to emphasise how beautiful home furnishings can have a positive effect on everyday life” says Henrik Most, Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden AB. “The products will be a fantastic addition to the IKEA range as they showcase Sabine Marcelis' unique design language”, he adds.


Exploring the surprising effects of light in the home, whether from a direct or indirect source, the collection will include amongst other items glasses, bowls, mirrors, and lamps. While most of the products will be a limited offer, some lighting pieces are intended to be long-term additions to the IKEA range. The collection will feature statement pieces, which enable people to express their personality and design aesthetics to create sensorial, emotional experiences in the home.


“Lighting, and design objects with integrated light, are more than functional home furnishing products. Light has an impact on how we feel, it creates ambience and atmosphere. Direct light and indirect light can create unexpected effects harmonizing or amplifying our surroundings”, says Sabine Marcelis, Rotterdam-based designer. “I wanted to explore how light can be turned into something that is not just purely functional. Light has the ability to transform the look, feel and atmosphere of the home for the better,” she adds.


Sabine Marcelis work is characterized by pure shapes and forms that highlight the material properties and processes from which they are made. Working across product, installation, and spatial design, she aims to create magical experiences through her engaging designs.


This collection marks the second collaboration between IKEA and Sabine Marcelis, following her participation in IKEA ART EVENT 2021.


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