IKEA launches the new home fragrance range inspired by outdoors

IKEA is launching the new home fragrance range inspired by the outdoors, and the essence of life at home. The range which spotlights candles will consist of eight scents and focus on wellbeing. These include two signature fragrances that take their cue from the forests of Sweden, developed together with long-term collaborator Ilse Crawford. The home fragrances will launch at IKEA stores worldwide starting in April 2022.  


Wellbeing is at the centre of the collaboration and is the ethos of this launch. IKEA believes that scents contribute to creating and enhancing the feeling of a space. Scents can influence how we feel. By experiencing scent, we can set a mood, and influence our state of mind whether it’s feeling energized, focused, or most importantly create a sense of calmness.  

The upcoming launch is created with Scandinavian design in mind – with a focus on nature, our original home. IKEA is revitalizing its home fragrances range by offering the new scented candles which promise a sensory atmosphere. The new range consists of eight inspiring scents, each especially developed to be a perfect match to different life at home activities, emphasising how a situation feels. Each scent can be experienced in different products, from tealights, scented hangers to scented candles in glass or ceramic containers. The candles range from a 12 to 60-hour burning cycle and are available in a variety of sizes. The containers have been designed with longevity in mind as they can continue to be repurposed.  

“We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to embrace and to continue to personalise their spaces in an affordable way which focuses on wellbeing first”, says Karin Gustavsson, Range and Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden AB. “Home accessories are at the heart of having a space that feels more personalised, and with new candles we want to inspire consumers to feel more comfort and connected to home”, she adds.  

Two of the new scents were designed by Ilse Crawford. Both scents are rooted in wood. Ikea has Scandinavian roots, and wood has been their material of choice since the beginning. The ADLAD fragrance is inspired by the scent of Scandinavian forests and is reminiscent of human presence. The ENSTAKA scent reflects a smoky bonfire aroma, and our most primal need for warmth.  
Ilse Crawford also designed the glass and ceramic containers for the new range. “The containers are elemental objects that we can use every day. They are beautiful and affordable. They are special because of their materiality size and tactility. We hope that people want to have them because they are attractive familiar and can blend easily with what they have. Above all, they can be reused later – creating a ‘second life’ beyond its first use – as a penholder, food container, bathroom storage”, says Ilse Crawford.  

“There is something that is forever grounding in nature. We wanted to bring the instinctive memory of nature – particularly of trees and forests – back into our homes, through scents – particularly for those of us around the world who live in dense cities and don’t have immediate access to the outdoors”, adds Ilse Crawford.

Read more about the development of the Scandinavian scents here. 


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