A white cabinet with one of the doors open, so you can see the drawers inside.

IKEA launches GREÅKER – the latest cabinet with drawers with innovative safety features

GREÅKER is a new cabinet with drawers with added safety and stability features designed to decrease one of the furnishing industry’s most serious safety issues – furniture tip over. The new cabinet with drawers is part of the long-term innovation plan where IKEA will continue to spearhead innovative design solutions that have enhanced safety and stability benefits and features so that customers can continue to live a safer life at home. GREÅKER will be available to customers in Europe and Asia Pacific starting this July and is anticipated to launch in North America in 2023.

Tip-over accidents are a serious home safety issue that concerns the whole furniture industry.  All IKEA storage furniture fulfils mandatory requirements and is safe to use when anchored to the wall as per the assembly instructions, and we are devoted to further achieving this goal in our customer’s homes through constant innovation. This is a journey where we will innovate and create solutions that support an even safer use of our storage furniture range. 
GREÅKER cabinet with drawers is a simple, yet important design solution that further decreases the risk of furniture tipping over. GREÅKER needs to be anchored to the wall to ensure a safe use of the product. In addition to its multi-functional design, it includes added stability features through its custom hinge and doors which further enhances its stability.
“We believe that innovation is the way forward to find solutions that our customers love and that minimize risks in our customer´s homes”, says Emelie Knoester, Bedroom Business Area Manager at IKEA of Sweden. “Through GREÅKER we are inspiring customers by creating a product that is both multi-functional in its form and has enhanced stability features”, she adds.
Product innovation is at the heart of IKEA, and we are committed to a journey of finding more solutions to ensure homes continue to put safety first. Back in 2019, IKEA launched the GLESVÄR chest of drawers which has added stability features including the interlock with unlock function or forced wall attachment. With GREÅKER, IKEA has designed the item to be more multi-purpose in the home through its cabinet design prolonging the life of the product throughout the home beyond the bedroom.
“GREÅKER was developed to give customers more assurance around product safety and stability”, says Dagmara Pawlus, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden. “Safety is a priority, and at IKEA, we want to take lead in creating products that people can continue to trust and add value to the functionality of our homes”, she adds.
At IKEA, we will continue to create products that have enhanced safety and stability features so our customers can feel confident choosing IKEA products to continue to live a safer life at home.
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