A SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker with a colourful panel hanging on a wall.

IKEA reveals the first products in the ÖMSESIDIG collection - a collaboration with nine Latin American creatives

In the upcoming ÖMSESIDIG collection, IKEA brings nine Latin American creatives together from the fields of design, fashion, food, architecture, and art to explore the cultures of festivities and socialising at home in Latin America. Today, the first products in the collection are revealed, highlighting products that set the mood for celebration. The collection will be launched globally in April 2023.


ÖMSESIDIG pays homage to various cultures, crafts, and expressions in Latin America through designs by local creatives. The collection name "ÖMSESIDIG" means mutual in Swedish and represents the mutual curiosity to create and learn from each other. A reminder of the value of collaborating to exchange ideas and knowledge between IKEA and other creatives. The first products revealed include a garland, two lampshades and three new panels for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker. The products capture the bold identity of the collection and spotlight traditions of socialising around food and music in Latin America.

ÖMSESIDIG panels for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker

The three ÖMSESIDIG panels for the SYMFONISK picture frame Wi-Fi speaker are designed by Chilean muralist and artist Trini Guzmán and Colombian artist Diana Ordóñez. The panels feature bold, colourful patterns and can be hung on the wall as eye-catching art pieces. The panel designed by Diana Ordóñez draws inspiration from the vibrant carnival tradition of Colombia.

“The mask is a kind of costume that allows us to be another character. Colombian culture has many festivals, and masks are used as a way of expression, a moment when you can be a monster, a bull, a cow, a woman, a man. For me, the mask is an interpretation of the many characters that are inside of us”, says Diana Ordóñez.

With the ÖMSESIDIG rice paper lampshades by Mexican designer Liliana Ovalle and the ÖMSESIDIG garland by Trini Guzmán, the designers share personal takes on how to bring life and light to any gathering. The ÖMSESIDIG garland for table setting comes with blank pages made to be coloured in.

“When we invite someone into our home, we are also opening a part of our hearts. By sharing our space and the items that surround us everyday, we are also sharing more of our stories and intimacy. With this collection, I wanted to design products that encourage people to bring their own creativity to the objects that will be part of their homes, celebrations and stories, by inviting them to colour, cut and transform them", says Trini Guzmán.

Exploring new cultures and traditions of coming together

Entering new markets in Latin America allows for IKEA to explore new cultures and traditions of coming together. Collaborating directly with local creatives who bring their own personal angle to their work, allows for new expressions and perspectives in working with design, to be shared with the rest of the world.

“Each of the artists have brought their own history, culture and expression to the table and weaved it into the design and art they have created. We will see a vibrant collection that embraces the mix of cultures and creativity where every item holds a personal story”, says Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA of Sweden.

The preview of the ÖMSESIDIG collection at IKEA Open House in New York focused on a number of key product reveals. The full collection, consisting of 30 products, will be announced in April 2023. 


More about the Latin American creatives

Liliana Ovalle, Product Designer, Mexico

Liliana is a product designer that works with a wide range of materials and processes to explore the expressive aspect of objects. She studied product design at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México and later a Master’s degree Royal College of Art in London. Her designs reflect narratives that often draw on her Mexican background, from referencing situations observed in the urban context to exploring vernacular craft techniques.

Diana Ordóñez, artist, Colombia

Diana Ordonez is a neo muralist, illustrator and graffiti artist who has established herself as an important reference in Latin American graffiti. She has a Master's in plastic and visual arts. She is known for her colourful, positive and vibrant expressions.

Abel Cárcamo, product designer, Chile

Abel designs objects and furniture by combining contemporary trends and materials of traditional design through collaborations with various local craftsmen. Creating a direct link between traditional practice and minimalistic aesthetics, Abel attains knowledge of the capabilities of materials through different techniques and so accomplish to create timeless design.

Trini Guzmán, Muralist and multi-disciplinary artist, Chile

Trini expresses herself through different materials in an explorative with curiosity and positivity. She gets her inspiration from nature and from becoming a mother. She has done an accessories collection for Falabella in Chile.

Marisol Centeno, textile designer, Mexico

Her work includes commissions and production pieces for Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and Muac Museum, amongst others. She has spoken at many design events, such as the LACMA’s Found in Translation craft symposium. Textile designer Marisol Centeno is committed to the idea of design as an agent of change – a source of aesthetic, social, and cultural innovation.Her primary focus is on innovation, utilising an experimental combination of artisanal and industrial techniques. Her work is characterised by the promotion of collective production and sustainability through design and the large-scale and colourful narratives of her textiles.

Álvaro Clavijo, chef, Colombia

He started off studying Architecture in Bogotá, then followed his passion and studied at a culinary school in Barcelona, followed by several jobs at Michelin stars restaurants around Europe, among some at Noma in CPH. After many years abroad, he turned back to Bogotá, where he now runs his restaurants, making traditional local food in a new way.

Catalina Zarhi, ceramist and Felipe Assadi, achitect, Chile

Catalina is a designer with a focus on ceramics. She studied ceramics in Italy, the US, and Chile. She uses old techniques to elaborate on the thickness – her work is very thin. She makes two types of ceramic, hand-made that are burnt two times, "raku", and more industrial moulding techniques.

Felipe is an architect and founder of Felipe Assadi Arquitectos, based in Santiago. His buildings are known for their angular constructions, mostly built with exposed concrete and glass, ranging from private residences to hotels, villas, and pavilions.

Augustín Nicolás Rivero, fashion designer, Colombia

Augustín Nicolás Rivero is a designer and creative director with his avant-garde fashion brand, A NEW CROSS. His main focus is to explore and re-interpret the artisanal crafts from Latin America. He has created a unique aesthetic and universe, merging fashion and utilitarian objects with a contemporary view of traditional crafts from different regions.


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