Andreas Ahrens, Head of Climate Inter IKEA Group

Andreas Rangel Ahrens

Head of Climate, Inter IKEA Group

Andreas Rangel Ahrens, MSc in Engineering, leads the global climate agenda for Inter IKEA Group (the IKEA franchisor) and the full IKEA value-chain – from raw material extraction to product end-of-life. He is the main spokesperson for climate – internally and externally – for the total climate agenda at IKEA.

Responsibility includes defining and advising on strategic commitment and goals, keeping the overall climate footprint together, strategic content development and together with respective parts of the business developing the organisational capabilities to reach set strategic climate commitments and targets. The overall IKEA ambition is to become climate positive by having a positive societal impact to limit global warming to 1.5°C and its consequences by reaching net-zero, contributing with additional reductions in society without using carbon offsets and improving climate resilience and adaptation.

Andreas is currently the co-chair of the Alliance for Clean Air and part of the advisory committee for the coming GHG Protocol guidance on land use, carbon removals and bioenergy. Together with Climate & Clean Air Coalition and Stockholm Environment Institute, he served as the IKEA lead on the development of the first business reporting guidance for disclosing air pollution across an entire value chain.

Andreas has previously worked extensively with sustainability integration into both product development and supply chain management, with a special focus on climate and circular economy.

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