A collage of five images, including a Favela, and a sign that says Hej Paris with the IKEA logotype.

IKEA Highlights 2019

Many companies, organisations and people – together – shape the IKEA brand. Each and every person, idea and solution helps us become more accessible, affordable and sustainable. Here is a selection of facts and figures that will give you a glimpse into the IKEA Financial year Sep 2018 - Aug 2019 (FY19).

IKEA retail sales continue to grow

Three boxes with text showing the IKEA sales figures for 2017, 2018 and 2019.
IKEA sales grew 6.5% in FY19, reaching total retail sales of EUR 41.3 billion.

Reaching even more people in 2019

  • 433

    IKEA stores worldwide

  • 50

    IKEA e-commerce markets

Better ways to meet more people

  • 1.3

    million visitors IKEA La Madeleine store

A rectangular glass sign on the new IKEA store in La Madeleine, Paris, with the text ‘Hej Paris’ and an IKEA logo.

In a rapidly changing world, people’s needs also change. We’re always trying to find new ways to meet our customers' expectations and put the IKEA range of products and services within reach of as many people as possible.

Read about the new IKEA store in Paris

Towards a world without waste

Products from the FÖRÄNDRING collection made of residue from rice straws such as three round boxes.
A transparent plastic bag seen floating in the sea.

We are on an exciting journey to become 100% circular. Here you can read about two examples of how we’re turning materials that have traditionally been viewed as waste into beautiful, functional products.

Read about the FÖRÄNDRING collection

Read about the MUSSELBLOMMA collection

211 000 co-workers - and growing!

Three boxes in different sizes where each box shows the number of employees at IKEA in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
The number of IKEA co-workers grew from 194 000 in FY17 to more than 211 000 in FY19.
Brenda Tijanic smiling, wearing a multicoloured shirt with leather inserts.

A career spanning 28 years and 6 countries

Born in Croatia and raised in Canada, Brenda Tijanic describes the IKEA business as ‘an everyday university in all dimensions’.

Read more about Brenda’s co-worker journey here

Improving living conditions through IKEA Social Entrepreneurship

  • 20 150

    jobs and incomes supported

Fernando Assad, social entrepreneur and founder of Programa Vivenda and two men in a classroom.

To include and support marginalised and vulnerable groups, we work with social entrepreneurs. Meet Fernando, who is working to provide Brazilian families with adequate housing.

Read more here

A home isn’t just a home. When people are safe, healthy and happy in their houses, it enables them to be more in control of their own futures.

Fernando Assad, social entrepreneur and founder of Programa Vivenda

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