A person splashing in big waves at a beach.

IKEA and World Surf League riding a wave of sustainability

With around 70% of its surface covered by oceans, Earth is rightly known as the blue planet. The ocean is also a major producer of the oxygen we breathe, making it a crucial part of our everyday life regardless of where we live. In a new collaboration with World Surf League, IKEA is diving into life around the water, connecting sustainability with an active life and mobile living.

IKEA is curious to better understand the everyday life of people that have a mobile and active way of living in close rhythm with the ocean. There are 370 million people across the world interested in surfing and more than 40 million active surfers. No sport relies on the ocean as much as surfing, why a collaboration with WSL is a perfect fit when exploring this field.

The collaboration bot aims at raising awareness about the climate challenge and inspire action to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans as well as designing a surf-centric range of products together, using recovered ocean-bound plastic where possible.

An update about this collaboration will follow during summer 2019.