Spun is a social initiative that empowers women through the production of crafted, sustainably produced textile products from sustainably sourced cotton and fabric waste.

The eight training centres hire and teach women crafts such as embroidery, resulting in employability and handcrafted home furnishing products. The women gain valuable skills that support them to improve their lives and social status, both at home and in the community.

Spun was founded by Welspun Group in India, one of the world’s leading home textiles manufacturers. Their operations and training are run by the registered non-profitable trust Seva Gram.


Location: India

Product: Home furnishing products from sustainable and natural materials such as jute, banana leaves and recycled fabric waste.

Participants: 2,200 people, 400 for IKEA.

Web: https://www.welspun.com/welspun-india-limited.php