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Seafood you can feel good about

We want to offer our customers good food, and by ‘good’ we don’t just mean tasty. We want people to enjoy our food and feel good about eating it too. It should be sustainably produced and responsibly sourced. With 90% of the world’s fish stocks fully exploited or even over-exploited, this way of thinking is especially relevant to our seafood range.

A school of fish swimming deep under the ocean's surface.
We are committed to only selling and serving salmon from ASC-certified farms.

Certified seafood is best

Today in our restaurants and Swedish Food Markets around the world, the vast majority of the seafood products sold and served are environmentally certified. For example, ASC-certified (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) salmon and MSC- certified (Marine Stewardship Council) cod, herring and shrimp.

Thanks to these two key certification systems, we are able to offer responsibly-produced seafood to over 680 million IKEA Food customers in 52 countries. In fact, IKEA Food Services AB has become one of the largest vendors of responsibly sourced seafood in the world.

A fisherman having a cup of coffee on a boat in Norway.
We have become one of the largest vendors of responsibly sourced seafood in the world.

Certification systems you can trust

The ASC logo on our packaging and menu boards reassures customers that our salmon comes from farms which comply with the organisation’s standards for responsible aquaculture. The feed is more sustainable, the fish are protected from disease with no or little need for chemicals and antibiotics and the farms seek to minimise their impact on the local environment. (See details below.)

The MSC-certification programme on the other hand, recognises and rewards sustainable wild-catch fishing practices. Its ecolabel – which appears on IKEA cod, herring and shrimp packages and menu boards - can only be used on products that have been independently certified to the MSC’s science-based standards.

Both organisations want to ensure the availability of seafood, the health of the oceans and the livelihood of local communities. They look to a future in which our seas are teeming with life, and our seafood supplies are safeguarded for future generations … and so do we!

A fisherman seen from behind standing on a boat in the Norwegian archipelago.

Products you can enjoy

Seafood is an important part of our company’s Swedish heritage. Customers love our SJÖRAPPORT series, which consists of salmon, shrimp and seaweed pearls - all produced with the help of suppliers dedicated to responsible aquaculture, fishing and harvesting.

Salmon has long been our seafood hero product from a global perspective. Take a look at one of the farms we buy salmon from in Norway.

Last year, we added salmon and cod balls to our seafood range. These tasty bite-size morsels are made primarily from ASC-certified salmon with added MSC-certified cod, seasoned with seaweed and lemongrass. They offer a great alternative to our much-loved Swedish meatballs, chicken meatballs and plant-based veggie balls.

Products that our customers can trust and feel good about eating, in every possible way.

Looking ahead

By sourcing and selling certified sustainable seafood, we hope to inspire consumer choices and encourage sustainable business practices around the world. And of course, we’ll continue to add new products inspired by our Swedish heritage, produced with respect for people and the planet. Products that our customers can trust and feel good about eating, in every possible way.