Two people carrying rucksacks walking through waist-high foliage whilst looking towards a misty forest.

Going beyond our business

We use wood more than any other material in the making of our products. As one of the leading wood users in the retail sector, we believe in using our size and global reach as a force for good to positively influence, or even transform, the forestry industry.

Working together for the future of forests

In this film you can meet one of our Wood Supply and Forestry experts and see how IKEA is working to protect forest ecosystems, develop responsible forest management and transform the wood industry.

Taking action to make responsible forestry the norm

All wood in IKEA products is deforestation-free and comes from responsibly managed forests. As a large wood user with a global reach, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to positively impact how forests are managed going beyond the wood used by our own business.

The left hand of person holding a pine seedling which is about 30 centimetres tall.

Being forest positive

In 2020, with significant input from leaders across the forestry sector, we developed our Forest Positive Agenda for 2030. Building on previous steps to improve global forestry practices, we are ramping up the work to further enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and drive innovation to use wood in even smarter ways.

The IKEA Forest Positive Agenda

Two men in a forest measuring a tree stump to determine if it has been illegally felled.

Forest partnerships

We believe we can accomplish more by working together with others than by working alone. We have long been committed to working with different industries, governments, environmental organisations and suppliers to protect and strengthen the world’s forests and improve forest management.