Four people are standing closely together in a warehouse, inspecting material samples in small, transparent plastic bags.

IKEA wood supply and forestry specialists are our “boots on the ground”

As proud as we are of our collaboration with many environmental, social, governmental and research organisations around the world to improve forest management, we always begin with ourselves. Inspired by the belief that we can use our own operations to do a little more tomorrow than today, we constantly work to improve our own business practices. To create as much positive impact as possible, we have built our own expert in-house team of wood supply and forestry specialists over several decades.

A group of people, all dressed in practical outdoor clothes, standing in a lush, green forest.

An experienced global team

Coming from a wide range of countries, the over 40 people in our expert in-house team of wood supply and forestry specialists have diverse backgrounds and many years of experience. In the beginning, the majority trained as foresters before going on to work for some of the world’s leading environmental organisations, policy makers, forest institutes and companies operating in the wood industry. Today, they work for IKEA, inspired by the progress they can contribute to as we are a large wood user and place responsible wood sourcing at the heart of our business.

Based worldwide in 10 locations from Poland to Romania, to Vietnam, to Brazil, the team provides daily support to suppliers, performs frequent regional wood supply chain audits and collaborates with IKEA business teams and external partners to drive the IKEA Forest Positive Agenda forward.

Meet Jukka

A person dressed in a safety vest, helmet and protective glasses is examining a piece of wood next to a pile of scrap wood.

Who are you?

“My name is Jukka Vornanen, and I’m the Global Wood Supply Manager at IKEA of Sweden.”

What do you do at IKEA?

“My team works with our global supply chain to secure access to affordable and responsibly sourced wood.”

Why do you like working in the wood industry?

“I’ve always loved wood and forests, starting with my childhood. I grew up in Finland, in regions surrounded by some of the cleanest lakes in the world and with forests all around. I have memories of carving a boat from a bark, hiking, biking, hunting and fishing in nature, and doing carpentry. Today, I think we’re in a unique position to be able to understand how wood, which is a renewable resource, contributes to a better tomorrow. The answer has always been in front of us, and it just needs to be rediscovered. To borrow a popular expression – maybe we didn´t see the forest for the trees?”

What motivates you to do what you do?

“It’s a wonderful feeling to walk in a forest I planted 25 years ago and think about how these beautiful trees will contribute to my kids’ future. Will they become a home? Paper? Fuel? Heat? Food? Clothes? Adhesives?”

“On top of that, IKEA is a great place to work. Our ability to drive change because of our large scale is unique; it enables us to lead the way to sustainable forestry and efficient and responsible use of wood.”