A couple of factory workers wearing light blue shirts and white gloves are working with stacks of cardboard.

Become an IKEA supplier

Our business is continually growing and so is our supplier base. Whether you supply products, components, raw materials, services or solutions, we want you to grow with us. Applying to become an IKEA supplier is the start of a strong and long-lasting partnership.

IKEA supplier application checklist

1. What we look for in a partner

We want our suppliers to share our values and to believe in our business model. If you are an innovative entrepreneur with strong competence; a business that wants to make a difference and grow with us; someone who wants to build a long-term relationship based on trust, respect, and transparency, then we want to collaborate with you.

2. Requirements for a better business

Being a good business is really important to us. And it should be important to you too. Before we can start our journey together, all partners must comply with the minimum requirements of the IKEA supplier code of conduct – IWAY.


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